• Stefanie Faria

I really hate writing blogs...

It's true! I actually hate it... I can't be the only one? I never know what I should be writing about. Are people even interested? Well according to many other business owners, I NEED TO HAVE A BLOG! And I used to have a blog, but I hated it so much I just stopped writing!!! In school I would always say "why do I need to write so many words? I can sum up everything in literally one sentence!" If you know me, I like to get straight to the point. No pussy footing around... here is details and lets move on! That's why I love photography. A picture says a thousand words, and I don't have to physically write anything! HAHA! So here we go again, I'm getting back on the "writing blogs" train! I'll be blogging about my sessions, my life, photography, and whatever comes to my mind! Hopefully you enjoy it and I don't go crazy writing them! Wish me luck!



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