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Expression Sessions

A few months back, I took a photo of my daughter. Really close up of just her face; her cute cheeks, big smile and eyes just beaming with happiness! My mom absolutely loved this photo... and it was just with my iPhone! She asked me to photograph my daughter the exact same way but asking her to do all different expressions. She wanted to make a film stripe of photos for her home. So on one of the many snow days we had here in Brantford, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to do these. Reese is having a blast and I'm laughing so hard because she is so animated! I uploaded them to the computer and I felt that they needed to be edited in black and white so you could really feel the emotion in the photos. I sat back and thought , wow! These are awesome!". Then I thought, I bet a lot of other people would love these real, raw images of their kids too! Low and behold I was right! These sessions have been one of my most popular of the year!

This is Reese, my daughter... the inspiration!

This is Ben... this kid was hilarious! I was almost crying I was laughing so hard taking his photos!

This is Audrey, another character.

These sessions are available at anytime! 15 minute sessions in my home studio, 6 Images in an online gallery for $75 + hst. Contact me to book, you won't be disappointed!

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